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  Tracy's Graduation Party - Bloomfield, NJ  
I want to thank you and your very competent staff for the services you provided in preparing and serving the food and beverages at my daughter's graduation party. In particular, I was impressed with the timing of the different courses you laid out and the gorgeous platters which you designed from the mass of food that I ordered.
Your organizational skills were great. Instead of just laying out all of the food for the guests to scramble after, you prepared and presented the platters in a decorative and appetizing display which made them very attractive.
You timed the different courses just right and in fact, my guests later commented to me that they couldn't wait to get to the table because they looked so good.
You carved the beef and pork to perfection,
so much so that many guests told me they went back for seconds and thirds.
Your bartender was top notch. He knew exactly how to make the new contemporary drinks, but he also made the drinks the old timers knew from the old days which is important when you have the old and the young at one party.
Finally, you cleaned up after and collected the leftovers so that it made it easy for us after the party was over. Now that's important.
All in all, I am very happy that you provided us with a most professional and wonderful party for my daughter and I am sure that without you, it most certainly would have been chaos. I will recommend you to all my friends and business associates.
Thank you! Richie Conta
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