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  My special 10th Birthday Party with Chef Blažena - February 2005  
  For my special 10th Birthday I had a Chef Blažena party!
I, my friends and brother got to make flavored sugars! We made 3 different flavored sugars -- vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. It was so much fun making them.
First Chef Blažena told us about all the spices and flavors. We learned how they were grown and what they looked right out of the ground.
Then she showed us how we had to mix them in a special bowl with a special crusher into sugar. It was really cool to mix the sugar with the flavors and then taste test them to make sure they tasted really good and sweet.
When they tasted just right we made buttered toast and got to sprinkle our favorite sugar on and eat it – yummy! Then we came up with so many more ideas how to use them (on pancakes, cereals, fruits, cottage cheese and so on).
We all had a great time with Chef Blažena – she was really a lot of fun. We even liked cleaning up because we got to lick our fingers!
My friends even got to bring home the sugars they made – their moms really liked that.
Thank you, Chef Blažena.
Colleen & John and friends!
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