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  Hands-On or Demo Cooking Classes or Cooking With Friends Parties: In Locations in Bergen County  
Prefer to have the class or party outside your home?

No need to go to Soho to hold an event in a stylish or casual ambiance.
We can gather at several rental locations in Bergen County. From elegant to practical venues for cooking classes, demos or wine tastings we provide options to fit your party size (starting with 10 people) and budget.

A cooking get-together is a clever alternative to the classic office party and an effective, fun way to bond with colleagues, entertain business associates or friends. Everyone will be smiling long after the cooking is done.

Having a cooking party outside your home is a smart choice to celebrate; you are free to enjoy the company of your friends and guests (no fixed seating like in a restaurant) and do not need to get your house ready for the occasion, nor clean it up afterwards!

To schedule an event or for more info
call Chef Blažena at 1-201-913-7419, or send an e-mail to:

Any class or event can be arranged by appointment at your convenience, pending the facilities availability.
Our goal is to provide you with fun, an ultimate culinary and learning experience and professional service.

****************************************************** EXAMPLES OF CLASSES:


Four workshop classes; a combination of lectures, practical tips, hands-on experience and a meal at the end of the class.

Each lesson is a combination of the workhop program and takes about 4 hours, pending material contents.
Dates per appointment, can be taught also during the week or evenings.
Perfect for beginners, parents & teens, college students, or anyone who'd like to acquire basic skills and find out that cooking IS fun! Learn 'tricks-of-the-trade' from a professional chef.
Limited participation class up to 18 students

Topics will include:

Advise on how to create a stock of useful ingredients you can draw on from day to day. You'll learn about dry goods, spices, seasonings, oils & vinegars, condiments, storage and expiration dates.
Practical tips on equipping your kitchen, avoiding expensive mistakes. Gadgets, pots & pans, measuring, mixing and processing tools.
Cooking Techniques
These are building blocks for the beginner to use to construct basic master recipes. We'll learn how to cook pasta, rice, legumes, croutons, fruits, vegetables and herbs
And we eat what we cook!
We'll prepare an omelet, soup, salad, dressing, roast some vegetables and/or potatoes and use pan frying or oven roasting methods.
Poultry and Meat
we'll learn the appropriate cooking method and touch base on sauces.
of course, we need to know how to prepare and enjoy delicious desserts:)

****************************************************** FRENCH CUISINE SERIES - 3 independent classes, per appointment

A Taste of Burgundy
Provençal Table
French Bistro Flavors
Guaranteed delicieux menus. Please call for classes fee (enrolment limited) and to register
Bon Appétit! _____________________________________________________________ )A TASTE of BURGUNDY
Burgundy is the quintessential France. Experience the rustic cuisine of the French farmers and the lush countryside, synonymous with classic home-style French cooking, such as:
Baby Lettuce Salad with warm Cassis Vinaigrette – this rather extravagant salad is an experience! It combines sweet, savory and rich flavors. Delectable greens dressed in vinaigrette from hazelnut (or walnut) oil, shallots and, of course, Cassis (the traditional flavor of the Burgundy region), balanced with pear slices and chopped hazelnuts.
Boeuf Bourguignon ŕ la Classique Façon (Beef Burgundy), the famous dish, born in Burgundy. Chunks of beef, bacon, pearl onions and mushroom caps will melt in your mouth!
Pommes Frites (French Fries to us), baked and served on a side, complement the Beef Burgundy as the ultimate comfort food!
Cassis Crisp – with French Vanilla Ice Cream is our finale to this menu. This classic Burgundy’s dessert is a must to round up a meal. This Crisp is a French version of the American-style fruit cobbler. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries drizzled with Cassis and crisped with lemon laced cookie crust. This dessert, enjoyed along with a glass of virgin Kir, will let you forget the world outside and transport you miles away…..!
___________________________________________________________ PROVENÇAL TABLE
Parties are planned! anytime! Chef Blažena will demonstrate how to put French twist on abundant ingredients from our Garden State and create vibrant flavors of Provence.
The fare will include
Salade Niçoise, a true Provençal classic from la Côte d'Azur (this salad is perfect for a lunch or light dinner by itself, along with a crusty baguette and a glass of wine)
Fruits de Mer ŕ la Provençale-Crevettes et Coquilles (Shrimp and Scallops) - we’ll sample the popular fare served in the countless bistros along the Mediterranean coast
Provençal Potato Salad with Shallots and Sherry Vinaigrette is so easy to prepare and is an absolute winner any time. Great to bring along to your BBQ party.
Pęaches Cardinal (Peaches) - drizzled with Raspberry coulis, served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream (optional). Refreshing and simply excellent
___________________________________________________________ FRENCH BISTRO FLAVORS
Bistro cooking has been around for at least a couple of centuries. While edgy food trends go in and out of style, this down-to-earth approach is always popular. Bistro fare is simple, satisfying and comforting.
It's a style that takes basic, often inexpensive ingredients, using seasonal ingredients, and turns them into comfort food at its best.
The Coq au Vin is a classic – a year round staple in bistros and brasseries all over France and beyond the border
Tarragon-Dijon Tomato Salad -juicy slices of ripe tomatoes, garnished with red onion and parsley, dressed in special Tarragon-Dijon dressing deliver a delicieux salad with zing.
Coq au Vin Blanc - Chef Blažena’s visually pleasing adaptation of the famous dish, modified with a white wine, adds a delicious twist on the quintessential “plat du jour” fare served all over France and the world.
Parsleyed Potato Wedges - traditionally, the Coq au Vin is enjoyed with crusty farm bread. For a nice meal, elegant enough for the ‘special occasion’ dinner, it is served over rice or parsleyed potatoes, as we’ll taste in the class.
Strawberry Romanoff – we will finish with this elegant, simple, yet delightful and refreshing classic. Yes, it is French (Chef Blažena will explain). Fresh fruit dessert combinations are very popular in the bistros, should the fruit be eaten fresh as is, with cheese selection, in a form of tart or clafoutis cakes, etc. It always makes for a lovely finale for any French menu as well as for ours. ___________________________________________________________

****************************************************** 60 MINUTES GOURMET SERIES:
Description pending menu plann
classes by appointment.

****************************************************** GIRL'S OR GUY'S NIGHT OUT

Friday or a week-night evenings from 6:00 - 10:00PM
date per your desired schedule and studio availability
Its better than going to a restaurant: an ambiance of a private home an elegant bar on hand, nothing to clean up after your party, just sit back and enjoy the company of your friends.
Or, if you are ambitious, have fun learning to cook and enjoy your favorite fare!

**************************************************** ITALIAN COOKING SERIES (just like Nana's; for you, foodies, who like to eat and cook Italian).
Blažena's interest in Italian cooking started in her teenage years, when she learned the culinary basics and secrets from Signora Georgina at the Italian Embassy in Prague. Blažena practiced cooking away with her daugter Giovanna (no living in Verona) and they are still close friends; years later and miles away - makes no difference!
Click on the link below on "Cooking with Friends" for a few examples of Italian menus, such as "Ciao Italia", "Dinner in Tuscany" and "Cucina Italiana". ... ... ...

You can also catch any of Blažena's delightful Demo Cooking Classes at WaterLeaf Art Studio in Ramsey, New Jersey (see link below: UPCOMING APPEARANCES - open to public)
Other link below YEAR OF COOKING with Chef Blažena, introduces detailed menus ideas and classes description. Lessons are offered evenings, by appointment.

**************************************************** Consider entertaining in a fun style and hire Chef Blažena for Private Culinary Classes "COOKING WITH FRIENDS". Lessons are available either in your home or at any of the rental locations in Bergen County, by appointment. For more ideas on menus, click on the link "Cooking with Friends" below


Thank You for your visit and Have a Delicious Day.
Happy Cooking, Happy Eating! Remember, life is short and every day is a fęte!
Chef Blažena :) ________________________________________________

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