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  Glossary of Culinary Terms  

Practical booklet, "Glossary of Culinary Terms", compiled by Chef Blazena, is available from her for purchase for $11.00 to cover the printing cost.

The Glossary describes from A to Z most of the terms you read or hear and might wonder what they mean.
Are you sometimes frazzled wondering how many oz is 1/2 of a pint or how many Tablespoons is in a 1/3 of a cup? Can I take a 10 inch round pan instead of a square or rectangular one (and what size?). Don't despair - my handy measuring conversion and baking pan conversion charts are included and have the answers.
Additionally, Italian Sauces glossary and some how-to make-your-own recipes instead for paying for expensive imported products (like mascarpone or crème fraîche) are included. That alone will pay for your booklet in one use.
Shipping is not included, but if you live locally, you can pick it up. Should you be interested, please call me at 201-913-7419

Happy Cooking and have a Delicious Day!
Chef Blazena.

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